Why Choose Us

Our team will take your business presence to new level
  • Develop.

    Develop brand identity,narra-tive,messaging and positioning crafting to ensure strategy works.

  • Media.

    Expand social media awareness with impactful KOL engagement,Regularly organize AMA, live video and other online

  • Blockchain.

    Create outstanding content on trendingcrypto media outlets,Introduce and connectthem to participate in offline blockchain summits around the world.


About Us

Founded in 2019, Onemax is a cutting-edge fund with the most market resources in the ASIA market,our core team has many successful cases of blockchain industry investment.

In addition to investment, we will also do some consulting services, and at the same time help the project to publicize and promote in the market.

  • Advantages 01

    Have a very deep cooperative relationship with the centralized contact masses such as Bitget, OKX and Gate.

  • Advantages 02

    Have a wide reach in Asia with the crypto network and retail market as well as having a great brand with lots of KOLs.

  • Advantages 03

    A professional all-platform operation team with Tiktok as its core